Bosom friend hira bansode

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The Individual and Society, An anthology

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Bosom Friend

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“Bosom Friend”: Hira Bansode

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BOSOM FRIEND Hira Bansode Hira Bansode is a well-known Marathi Dalit poet. The speaker of the poem “Bosom Friend” is a Dalit girl who speaks about her sufferings and insults at the hands of her bosom friend who is a rich upper caste girl.

Hira Bansode’s Bossom Friend represents that image of above mentioned superiority in this modern era also. Her poem Bosom Friend forms a. The 1st stanza of the Poem Bosom Friend opens with the arrival of the poetess’ bosom friend for the first time to her small house.

Hira Bansode was born in a lower class family, at that time cast prejudices are prevalent in India.

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Poem Bosom Friend is written by Dalit Marathi poetess Hira Bansode. She used to criticize the casteism and cast prejudice prevalent in Indian society through this poem. The poem reflects her strong objection to the cast prejudices.

Bosom Friend. Hira Bansode. Hira Bansode (–), one of the best-known woman Dalit poets in Marathi, brought a feminist slant to Dalit poetry along with others like Mallika Maarsheikh and Meena Gajbhiya. Born into a Mahar family, a Kamble, in a village of Pune district, she moved to Bombay as a child when her father became a municipal worker.

Bosom friend hira bansode
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The Individual and Society, An anthology