Mirabal sisters

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The Mirabal Sisters : Heroes, Not Victims

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Las Hermanas Mirabal – The Mirabal Sisters

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The province of Salcedo in the Dominican Republic, where the sisters were born and lived until they died, has been renamed Hermanas Mirabal, in honor of the sisters. The last remaining Mirabal sister, Dedé, raised their six children and founded the Mirabal Sisters Foundation. She continued to keep their names alive, until her death in 11 results for "mirabal sisters" In the Time of the Butterflies Jan 12, by Julia Alvarez.

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The four Mirabal sisters were civil rights activists in the Dominican Republic. Three of them were assassinated on orders from dictator Rafael Trujillo, and they quickly became heroines and martyrs in the fight against his repressive regime.

Ever since their assassinations, the Mirabal Sisters have become the "symbols of popular and feminist resistance." The Dominican sisters got involved in.

Talk:Mirabal sisters Jump to In fact, Trujillo had met all of the Mirabal sisters personally, and credible evidence given by a prison official to both a Parish Priest who was a constant visitor to the prison and to a Mirabal family member puts Trujillo in the presence of the torture sessions of two of the sisters, he refused to intervien in.

Mirabal sisters
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