Retail market in india

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Uniqlo is entering India's booming retail market

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Coffee retail market in India by value 2015-2020

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Retailing in India

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Pulses in the retail market in India 2015-2020

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May 09,  · India's fast growing retail market has attracted another global player: Japan's Uniqlo. The fashion brand will open its first store in New Delhi by the middle of next year, parent company Fast. Retail market in India is estimated to reach USD trillion by from USD billion at present, with modern trade expected to grow at 20 per cent per annum, which is likely to boost revenues of FMCG companies, the report said.

India retail coffee chains market was valued at USD million in and is expected to grow further over the forecast period. Increasing global exposure, western culture and penetration of established coffee brands are anticipated to be the key trend driving growth of India retail coffee chain market.

Retailing in India is one of the pillars of its economy and accounts for about 10 percent of its GDP. The Indian retail market is estimated to be US$ billion and one of the top five retail markets in the world by economic value.

India is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the world, with billion people.

Market size of e-retail industry in India 2013 - 2018

As ofIndia's retailing industry was essentially owner manned small. Find the latest Retail Insight, News & Articles from all top sources for the Indian Retail industry on ET Retail.

Retail market in India is estimated to reach USD trillion by from USD billion at present, with modern trade expected to grow at 20 per cent per annum, which is likely to boost revenues of FMCG companies, the report said.

Retail market in india
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