Write an email to your friend describing the best place youve visited

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Write a letter to your friend describing your visit to Safari Park.

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Write a letter to a friend describing your visit to a place of historical interest

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I really value the diversity of readers on. Are you day dreaming about a winter holiday to the amazing Morocco? If so, I would like to tell you [ ]. Task: Describe the place you like the most Purpose: language: informal - content: describe Audience: My classmates.

OUTLINING Topic sentence: On the last summer, I have visited my friend in Singapore. Long term affairs are deeper, more painful betrayals than short term affairs like one night stands or short flings. Both types of affairs are wrong and horrible betrayals, but a long term affairs mean the married man wasn’t getting what he needed from the marriage.

Write an email to your friend describing the best place youve visited
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Write a letter to your best friend describing the excursion you have just been to